About Application

Klock-In uses the phone’s front camera for check-in/check-out operations. The employer monitors the employee’s working hours, manages and edits them as required.

Real Time Tracking

Track your employee's check in/out in real time

Simple and Convenient

Monitor and Edit Hour Logs

Remote Entry/Exit

Carry out operations from anywhere


Here the employee can perform basic options like check-in/out and keep track of his/her personal logs. All the data are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere anytime. This is for the employee’s ease of access, so they can use the app even when they are away from the office. For example: site visits.


Unique Features

Use your personal devices for check in/out without running here and there or waiting in queues to do so.

Employers get to track their employees’ working hours easily, add employee to their company and edit logs if required.

View everyday logs or check your employees’ weekly working hours.

Get location details after clock-in/out.

A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately. Just grab a webhook url from your destination software (like, rocket / slack etc) and post the url in webhook url text box and optionally provide channel.